Dress like the best: Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård shot to massive stardom after starring in the remake of Stephen Kings IT. No stranger to fame and certainly no rookie when it comes to acting, Bill comes from a large family of strapping Swedish actors. Along with the obvious talent Bill possesses, he also has a knack for making a suit look […]

Best Wedding Suit Combinations for 2021

Bold colours and patterns Blue suits may have been the staple of a wedding suit for many years but bold colours, textures and patterns have grown in popularity.  Think green, burgundy, tweed, checks, jacquard prints and floral. A bold colour or bright print make a great focus but don’t make overwhelming. Try having a coloured […]

Power of the pinstripe

Power of the pinstripe A classic pinstripe suit is up in the ranks amongst the most classic, classy suits a gentleman can own. They’ve been popular amongst bankers, movie stars, musicians and all kinds of folk in-between ever since stripes first made their way into cloth in the early 19th century.  The styling of the […]

Dormeuil Deep Clean

The Dormeuil showroom is looking cleaner than ever thanks to a full deep clean over the lockdown period. Meeting rooms, changing rooms, offices and everything in between have been sanitised to the highest degree to ensure the safety of all visitors. As well as the immaculate rooms, a reduced workforce is working on site in […]

Have you gained or lost weight during quarantine? Here’s how we can help

Be it by way of boredom feasting or boredom workouts – many of us have changed shape in one way or another since lockdown began. Thankfully, one of the many perks of bespoke suits is that though-out their life they can be tweaked to fit you as you change.  Getting your suits altered ready for […]

Inspiration from the past: The 70’s

The 70’s was undoubtedly a strange time for style. For many the first thing that comes to mind is over-sized collars, bell-bottom trousers and some questionable colour pairings – which wouldn’t be entirely incorrect. The trick to taking inspiration from such a bold period in time (without looking like you’re in fancy dress!) is to […]