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Best menswear style icons of the 20th century

There is a huge list of great menswear style icons from the 20th century that we could choose from but we have narrowed it down between us to these top five. Robert Redford To start with we have chosen Robert Redford the recognisable American actor who has graced our screens since the 60s. Throughout his […]

Have you gained or lost weight during quarantine? Here’s how we can help

Be it by way of boredom feasting or boredom workouts – many of us have changed shape in one way or another since lockdown began. Thankfully, one of the many perks of bespoke suits is that though-out their life they can be tweaked to fit you as you change.  Getting your suits altered ready for […]

A sartorial equation

A sartorial equation “A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them” – Hardy Amies.  Intelligent buying  Buying your clothes with intelligence is easy when you have the combined brainpower of yourself and your trusted tailor. With your own sense […]

How to wear a tie bar

How to wear a tie bar  Such a small addition to any gents wardrobe, and yet one that holds so many faux pas. If worn correctly however, a tie bar is a great understated way of adding a little personal touch to ones look. Not only a style feature, the tie bar is a functional […]

Fit vs Fitted

Fit vs fitted – what’s the difference? Many gentlemen confuse the two and then don’t understand why their fitted suit doesn’t last as long as their looser suits, even though they both “fit”.  The difference is quite simple: if a suit fits, it follows your natural body shape precisely and will fit like a second […]

How does style evolve and where is it headed?

In the fashion world there will always be shifts in style as new designs are introduced to the world. A lot of the time these designs are so flamboyant in both style and in colour that they are simply un-wearable in any real world setting.   However, after the initial display of these elaborate runway-show garments, […]

Picking the perfect coat

Picking the perfect coat  You’ve got your thicker suits out for the winter, along with the classy leather gloves and the cashmere scarf. The look is almost complete, but alas, the wardrobe lacks a perfectly tailored coat. What to do, what to do? A tailored coat can be an expensive investment, but the cheap off […]

Countries cuts compared

Three cuts compared The home of British tailoring is very well known as being Savile row. Founded in … Savile row is now littered with tailors, each with a unique cut and style. This being said, they are all British tailors, so, what does tailoring look like in other countries? British The shoulder – British […]

How to dress for a promotion

How to dress for a promotion For a boss or high positioned member of a team, setting a standard is best achieved by leading by example. When there is a time they must arrive to work or a meeting, they will arrive early. When there is a deadline they have to meet, they beat it. […]

Flashy isn’t trashy

Flashy isn’t trashy  We’ve all been told at some point or another that every man should have a grey, blue and black suit. Simple, elegant, clean. Don’t get me wrong, its true, every man should have at least one suit in these colours, but when everyone is wearing the same thing simultaneously, the work place […]

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